Blacksmithing & Welding Workshop - 4/29

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08a. Sephora_Tides2.jpg

Blacksmithing & Welding Workshop - 4/29


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Introductory 1 day Class - Sunday! 4/30, 2018    10:00-4:00 Sunday

make your own small sculpture from steel!! or anything you want!

This Welding workshop, although it is open to anyone, beginners and advanced welcome! You get to design your own project, or create from a series of projects given as samples.

You can design your own piece! Email images at least 1-2 weeks before class begins to get critical feed back and to be sure materials are on hand!!

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What to wear?
Comfortable clothes.
>   Jeans or cotton sweat pants.
>   Light long-sleeved shirt
>  Closed toedshoes or boots

What to bring?
> Water, liquid to hydrate
> Work apron if you have one

We have:
> Safety Glasses
> Work Gloves (Medium and Large size)

The Goat Farm Arts Center is at 1200 Foster St. NW.  Corrina Sephora is inBuilding 11.
Our studio is at the corner of Foster St. and the SECOND entrance of the Goat Farm (just before the dead end).

Pull into the second entrance and park as close to the building as possible. 
Enter through the double red doors at the back of the building with the Corrina Sephora sign.

If you need to cancel, please contact (404) 666-3544

Please arrive 10 minutes early so class can begin on time.