Metalist Corrina Sephora turns guns into art in Blood of the Earth at Sinclair Gallery

ARTSATL Staff x May 31, 2019

Acclaimed metal artist and painter Corrina Sephora explores communal loss and transformation in Blood of the Earth, opening Saturday at East Point’s Sinclair Gallery. In it, she focuses on turning guns into works of art.


At Mason Fine Art, Corrina Sephora Reflects On Life By Looking To The Heavens

Anna Nelson-Daniel x February 13, 2019

Some artists create art as a way of self-reflection. The process becomes a pursuit of creative fulfillment. Atlanta-based artist Corrina Sephora sees her work as a reflection of life experiences. In Between the Deep Blue Sea and the Universe, at Mason Fine Art through February 16, Sephora shares 19 recent works that vary in medium but are cohesive in theme.


Metal Artist Corrina Sephora Explores Meditations Of Midnight Dreaming

Jerry Cullum x Jan. 9, 2019

The title of Corrina Sephora’s full-gallery installation Between the Deep Blue Sea and the Universe implies a passage from the mythic depths to the farthest reaches of the highest, and the title is accurate. Inspired by experiences following the death of her mother, the show (which opens at Mason Fine Art on Thursday, January 10) is a symbolic journey that begins at the cellular level and ends at the edge of an imagined cosmos.


After her mother’s death, a successful Atlanta metalworker is exploring her softer side

Kate Abney x January 8, 2019

For the past 20 years, Corrina Sephora’s name has been synonymous with metal, from numerous private commissions of imaginative stair railings and custom furniture to significant public monuments like Nautilus Passage at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. But when the artist’s mother was diagnosed with cancer, ultimately succumbing to the disease in late 2017, Sephora, a recent artist-in-residence at the Hambidge Center for Creative Arts and Science in northeast Georgia, wondered: Had she done everything she wanted to do? Everything she could do?